AI Does Urban Myths

Garangadon, a evil-haired creature. Preys on immigrant children.

Swiftalator, usually male, haunts social media posing as a fourteen-year-old Swifty looking to hook up.

Mothman, glowing red eyes and enormous, greasy wings. Invades houses that have bug zappers.

Oakland Triangle, white people have disappeared there since the death of George Floyd.

Dead On Arrival

Jeffrey, trying not to make any noise,  stumbled into the sofa in the darkened living room.

Suddenly a small dog started barking.

“Wait,” he thought, “we don’t have a fucking dog.”

Then a light and a woman facing him with a gun.

“Wait,” he thought, “That is not my wife.”

When in Iowa

A small community in Iowa was outraged when two of its prominent members were “outed” in a revenge porn video. Their faces were blurry and only their first initials had been printed, still their neighbors retaliated by posting copycat videos of themselves and their dogs engaging in the same act.