About Us

image of Philip J. Maggitti, editor of this website

About me, Philip J. Maggitti, actually. I’m taking the liberty of using the editorial “Us” here, if you please, and even if you don’t please, because I’m (ir)responsible for everything on this website but the images, most of which the Writecream AI program produced more at less per my instructions.

That’s our editorial assistant, Penny, opening the mail. She wants you to visit our blog, which lives for the time being on our twisted-sister website, Postcards from the Pug Bus. (See ludicrously self-aggrandizing image below.)

Meanwhile, I am an 81-year-old retired freelance writer and editor. I have written eight books and nearly 1,000 articles during the last 42 years, and I have won a number of awards for my work. Although I have written on a variety topics for numerous publications, the majority of my writing has been focused on the points at which the lives of people and animals intersect.

I also founded and maintain two websites: this one and the aforementioned, award-winning Postcards from the Pug Bus.

trophy for best satire 2005