You Can’t Satirize This Shit, #10

“Trudeau to install tampon dispensers–in MEN’S bathrooms”

Justin Trudeau’s latest brainstorm: supply all bathrooms in federal public service departments, crown corporations, banks, airports, and train yards with menstrual products ‘regardless of their marked genders.’

These free products are taxpayer-funded.

Critics say thar men will bring them home to female partners.

AI Does Urban Myths

Garangadon, a evil-haired creature. Preys on immigrant children.

Swiftalator, usually male, haunts social media posing as a fourteen-year-old Swifty looking to hook up.

Mothman, glowing red eyes and enormous, greasy wings. Invades houses that have bug zappers.

Oakland Triangle, white people have disappeared there since the death of George Floyd.